Prenatal Vitamins & Fertility Supplements

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Fertility Supplements from Zhai Healthcare

Harnessing the knowledge and skills she has gained over 25 years of professional experience, Xiao-Ping Zhai has released her customised line-up of high quality fertility supplements, Zhai Premium Fertility for Women® (£39.98) and Zhai Premium Fertility for Men® (£39.98). These are designed to provide couples with all of the necessary vitamins and minerals to give them the best possible chance for conception. The supplements are unique to the UK, and contain a wide range ofimportant vitamins and minerals, such as folic acid, zinc and selenium. They also feature a selection of classic Chinese herbs, including goji berry, sesame and ginseng, all of which are known for their fertility boosting powers.  These ingredients have been used for more than 5,000 years in China and most Asian countries to optimise health and fertility.

Priced at £39.98 for a 30-day supply, each of these products is designed to ensure that both men and women are in the best possible physical shape for conception and subsequent pregnancy. Zhai Premium Fertility for Women® capsules contain the classic Chinese herbs of goji berry and sesame along with zinc, helping to return fertility levels to normal standards and maintain reproductive capacity.  Zhai Premium Fertility for Men® capsules contain goji berry and ginseng along with zinc and selenium, all of which are important for regulating sperm production. 

Additionally, each pack contains a daily dose of double-distilled premium Omega-3 fish oil, available as a soft-gel in each daily sachet. This provides the necessary DHA and EPA to help both women and men prepare for conception, an important addition to standard pre pregnancy vitamins. DHA can also support the normal development of a baby’s brain and eyes during pregnancy and early infancy.



Male Fertility Supplements

Zhai Premium Fertility for Men is a food supplement that combines classic Chinese herbs with important vitamins and minerals to provide nutritional support for those hoping to conceive children.  A balanced and nutritious diet can help ensure that men are producing an optimal amount of sperm. A supplement can safeguard against any shortfall of important nutrients in the diet.

Female Fertility Supplements

Zhai Premium Fertility for Women capsules include goji berry and sesame seed, ingredients that have been used in Chinese healthcare for many years, as well as a carefully selection collection of vitamins and minerals, including zinc, which contribute to normal fertility and reproduction.